Virtus Pro player salary increased to $25,000 per month

Virtus Pro reached their peaks during the Eleague Major. The longest-standing roster in CSGO history has stuck together through thick and thin. They had a very lean phase during 2015-16 and yet did not change the roster. They believe in their players and refuse to believe that a few hiccups in results mean roster changes.

The new year started off on a very positive note for the Polish CSGO side as they reached the finals of the Eleague Major. They lost narrowly to Astralis in the finals. While it was a devastating result for the Polish side, it was still a notable placement nevertheless.

According to a report from rns online, the player salaries for the Polish players have been increased to $25,000 per month. This is part of the parent company;s grand scheme to expand heavily into eSports. Steps will be taken to build a state of the art arena and also immerse the audience in VR Experience.

While there has been no official statement regarding the same, we can only say that the players definitely deserve the acclaim and increase in salary.