Vermantia eSports to provide 24*7 betting solutions

Vermantia is a global eSports betting provider that supports many esports betting sites. They have announced the launch of the Vermantia eSports.The solution was created to use for eSports events, from single games to tournaments taking place on the matchmaking platform PvPRO Gaming, which enables gamers to play against one another, anywhere and at any time.

About Vermantia eSports

A complete betting solution on esports, available for all channels (retail, online, mobile) and addressing from enthusiastic gamers to sportsbook players alike.

Vermantia eSports will utilise data and results from several thousands of games to arrive at a conclusive database This database will help users determine their choice of bets. The data will be tailormade towards the users and prod them into developing their talent of deciding whom to bet on.

The company will be showcasing Vermantia eSPORTS at ICE Totally Gaming on stand S4-120, where it will also host a live CS:GO challenge between professional teams.