Gfinity enter into partnership with MediaCom

In a development from the Gfinity Elite Series which was announced in November, Gfinity have entered into a partnership with MediaCom. Gfinity Elite Series was created with the aim of  ‘designed to create the largest and most competitive esports platform in the UK, attracting players from amateur level through to elite and professional status’.

In a statement Neville Upton, the CEO of Gfinity said.

Our ambition is to develop a world class esports competition that provides an unparalleled experience for competitors, partners, and fans. Partnering with MediaCom Sport & Entertainment at the launch of the Elite Series will ensure that we create the most attractive and engaging environment for partners, many of whom are eager to get involved with the sport.

“Our colleagues at MediaCom work alongside some of the world’s biggest brands and have a unique understanding of how esports can offer an environment in which to engage with millions of their core consumers.”

About MediaCom

MediaCom advises a number of blue-chip clients, including American Airlines, Sony, Allianz, Indeed and Škoda on how to best optimise their sporting and entertainment investments.

Misha Sher, MediaCom Head of Sport & Entertainment

Esports is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, especially with the much sought-after millennial audience. Gfinity has been one of the early trend setters in the sport and the Elite and Challenger Series have the foundations to become the biggest competitions in the world.

“As an agency that has always been at the forefront of trends and innovation, it’s a privilege for us to partner with Gfinity who we believe will be the world’s leading esports producer and operator.”

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