Assembly Winter 2017 Groups and Draw revealed

The Assembly Winter tournament is scheduled to take place from the 3rd of February till 4th of February. It is a two day event which will see the participation of 16 teams. There will be a total prize pool of $15,000.

The venue is the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Center. The format for the tournament starts off with a best of One GSL Group stage. The GSL Group stage offers team two chances to keep their place at the tournament. The playoffs are best of three single elimination matches.

The Sixteen teams have been divided into four groups with four teams each. This distribution has been done after accounting for team seedings and performance. It is an attempt to make the tournament as fair as possible.

Group AGroup B
Outlaws Tortues Ninja
Conquer Planetkey
Deadpixels Vexed
Platinium Paranoia
Group CGroup D
Singularity Rynnäkköviikset
SkitLite MnM
ex-Findictus RatsOfTheYear