Finnish organisation iGame make changes to their roster

Finnish Organisation iGame have made changes to their CSGO roster. They will be replacing zehN with Juho.

The last time that the roster played together was at the WESG 2016 Global Finals. They won their Group stage, but lost out to Space Soldiers in the Quarterfinals. The issues that led to the roster change mainly stemmed from a reluctance by zeHn to move to the team gaming house.

On their Facebook page, iGameeSports posted the following post:

HLTV published a statement by zehN ;

“At start i was really motivated to play and give my 100%, but after WCA the problems ingame and pressure about moving in to same house with 5 other males didn’t feel really good at that point. I have apartment with my girlfriend, so i didn’t wanna trade these things for a male filled house and atmosphere that was damaged between players in game, it was just the chemistry in game that didn’t feel working at this point between me and one player, i respect him, but i guess we just didnt get along ingame, and didnt see other solution for now. But i’m really grateful for getting this chance to play in a group with skilled players and really awesome guys, had really good time overall on our journey, and i will never forget this. Lets see what the future holds for both parties :)”