Ghost Gaming sign Kungarna

Ghost Gaming have announced their new Overwatch roster. They have picked up the former Kungarna Team.

Kungarna has been a surprise for the entire Overwatch community. They have secured their position at the NGE Overwatch Winter Premier tournament. The LAN Finals for the tournament will be held at the PAX South center.

As of today Team Kungarna has officially found a new home with the newly founded Ghost Gaming organization and will be playing under the name “Ghost” during the NGE Tournament this weekend at PAX South and future tournaments.

More details will be announced after the tournament, but we couldn’t be happier to begin this new chapter with their team. It has been a long road, but we have finally found a home and eager to lead the charge alongside some of the brightest minds in business.

“This is the right fit for us, and we are stoked to be a Ghost team. We’re both new on the scene, and looking to make big things happen. It’s going to be a great ride!” – mykL