Overwatch PTR officially over.

Overwatch PTR 1.7 update has come to a close. With the closure of the PTR we can now anticipate the patch to go live on the main client. Developers usually close PTR when they have received enough feedback from the community and are ready to implement changes onto the main client.

While that might not always mean a successful and balanced update rollout, it definitely helps in ironing out several problems within the game.

The announcement came yesterday on the Battlenet Forums. A lead developer announced the closure of the PTR and ultimately the forums related to PTR as well.

Hey folks, thanks for all your feedback and support on the 1.7 PTR. Shortly we’ll be disabling the PTR and closing this forum.

The update is expected to hit the main client in a few hours. It will coincide with the Chinese New year event. There will be new skins as well as a new gamemode for the Chinese New year event.