Bone7 joins Team NP as their Coach

Team NP have announced their latest roster change. Bone7 will be joining the roster as their in game coach. The addition of Bone7 will definitely help the team rack up wins on their part. The strategic acumen needed for them to flourish over other better teams as EG, OG will be given a big boost by this roster change.

Team NP is excited to announce that Pittner ‘bOne7’ Armand will be joining our team as coach. Loyal fans are aware of the long-established history of bOne7 playing with NP members EternaLEnVy and Aui_2000 on the infamous Cloud 9 roster. Known for his unorthodox builds and aggressive playstyle, bOne7 will lend his strength to Team NP as the Dota 2 meta continues to develop.

A short note by Bone7:

I’m happy to join Team NP as their coach. I bring to the table a deep understanding of how my former teammates operate and think about the game. We shared many memories in the past and I look forward to building something great together. Maybe it takes being a coach to convince my team to buy TPs.