ManofSnow leaves Renegades

ManofSnow has announced his decision to leave Renegades amongst allegations of Team mismanagement.

ManoFsnow has been in and out of the Renegades Overwatch roster. This has created an unstable environment in the team. He joined Renegades along with the rest of Kingdom eSports. This was just before the start of the Overwatch Winter Premier.

In a statement on Twitter Manofsnow explained his version of the story.

When I was convinced to play for Renegades and leave my stream (which was exploding in growth) I was told I was a starter for the whole tournament, which turned out to be false. While at the bootcamp I helped to develop a team which was underperforming into a team that went 4-0 in the first week of games. When I got back home I was told that the team decided to play with Kyb for our scrim the night before our match with Immortals to see if he would work out as they wanted him to join the roster full time. The next day, the team decided to have Kyb play in my spot. Some time after the match, Kyb opted to not rush into a contract and the team was forced to play with me again. I ended up playing with the team for a few more games until the harassment and scapegoating from my team became too much and I decided to refuse to play in any more games or scrims. As a result of that decision, the team has voted against me moving into the team house.

Where I wronged others:
First and foremost, the only real complaint against me as a player is that I have a shallow hero pool. I fully accept this but I would like to stress that of the two heros that I do play (Zarya, D.Va) I play both of them at a very high level. Next, some players of the team at the bootcamp felt that I was mentally removed from the situation- that I “Didn’t want to be there”. The reason I see that being valid is how I warm up for games. I wrestled for seven years and now whenever I need to become focused I do the normal wrestler thing: put on a hoodie, pull the hood up, and listen to some loud music. There was also a complaint that I tended to go straight to my room after practice, but that was so I could privately speak to friends and loved ones.

Where others wronged me:
Quick note: Renegades gave the Coach and Manager full control of the team, who went on to mismanage the players and lead to the loss streak after bootcamp. When RNG management learned of what was going on with the team they urged the players and support staff to reconsider their stance, but the team continued anyway. Since I had joined the roster months and months ago, the only remaining player that started with me was Sherlockey. Sherlockey is a great player who had his ego stuffed too much and now he often puts others down (me, Mangachu) leading to a toxic team enviroment. It is my overall hope that my old team uses this a learning experience and are able to mature and develop their professionalism.

Source : Twitter