Eclypsia launches dedicated FIFA channel sponsored by Betclic

Eclypsia a French Gaming company dedicated to livestreams announced the launch of their new channel dedicated to FIFA 17.

The new channel is sponsored by BetClic one of the leading betting websites (and one of the leading esports betting sites in France) in France and covers FIFA Betting. It is yet to be seen if FIFA can draw the audience required to make the new channel successful. Esports is dominated by titles such as Dota2, CSGO, Hearthstone, Overwatch. The multiplayer FPS and MOBA category are the top categories in eSports viewership.

“2017 marks a turning point for the development of esports,” said Théophile Monnier, Director of Eclypsia, “We are very proud to accompany this trend, and to have brought together such a talented team around this very ambitious project.”

Eclypsia does have a strong viewership in France. However their choice of game has been a successful one for now. League of Legends is their primary game in the current timezone. However with FIFA being added to their lineup it remains to be seen if they can acquire more viewership.