Chu8 banned from HGC for over a year following his departure from Team 8

Chu8 has been suspended from HGC for a year following reports of him breaching the contract by leaving Team 8.

Chu8 decided to leave Team 8. However this decision was a direct breach of contract according to the rules. Blizzard announced that Chu8 will be barred from any type of involvement with HGC following this breach of contract. The announcement was made on the official Blizzard site. Some excerpts from the announcement.

With the launch of HGC just days away, North American squad Team 8’s Chu8 has chosen to leave the team. As a result, Chu8 has been disqualified from the HGC for the remainder of 2017 and will not be playing with Team 8 in the first phase of HGC.

Chu8 responded via a Reddit post. He explained how there was a difference in the opinion between him and the team. While he wanted a casual approach towards the team but the team just didn’t want similar things. They decided to part the team in order to maintain professionalism and a cordial environment. Obviously it did not turn out good for him.

I made sure to let everyone know that I want this team to take more of a casual approach to the tournament,” he stated. “However, when we did qualify and things got more serious, we could not agree on the level of commitment we [wanted] to make as, mostly a team because of me wanting to focus on my stream.

“It was clear to me there are more complications here than I expected. I coulda been a d***** and just rake in the $$ while forcing a bad practice schedule and toxic team environment, but that’s not me. This is the best decision for all.

Chu8 will be replaced by Kyle “Prismaticism” Belaiche, formerly of Dumpster Tier Superstars