Big Ten Universities enter eSports

Most of the Big Ten Universities will feature League of Legends team and compete in a competitive environment.

Recognising the growing popularity of eSports, BIG ten Network has decided to give the go-ahead to the eSports push. The Big Ten Network broadcasts to around 60 million people regularly. They will be broadcasting the matches occasionally on their network. This will include all the championship games in March 2017.

Scholarships have been awarded by some of the big esports betting sites in return for free sponsorship.

The first broadcast will begin on Jan 30. There will be two divisions, east and west. They will play each other in a round-robin best of three competition.

This is one of the big push into eSports in North America mainstream yet again. This article was reported on NYTimes. Riot and BIG Ten will feature a big push into collegiate esports league