Hyperx is the Main Sponsor for Dreamhack Masters 2017

Dreamhack Masters is one of the big ticket circuits to be held in eSports in 2017. The Dreamhack Masters will feature several tournaments spread throughout the year. They will be held in a variety of places such as from Malmo to Leipzig to Las Vegas. Dreamhack is one of the household names in CSGO and eSports in general. Their tournaments are guaranteed to have millions of viewers. As such it makes sense for sponsors to come together to sponsor their events. Hyperx is a manufacturer of eSports focussed headphones. Their headphones and sound systems are the standard in the eSports industry.

HyperX is one of DreamHack’s most trusted and long-term partners and we’re very happy to have them onboard supporting our move to make the first DreamHack Masters event in USA” said Tomas Lyckedal, Chief Brand Officer at DreamHack. “With a mission to meet the demands of professional gamers to give them the winning edge, it’s natural for us to have the premium products of HyperX associated with our events.

This partnership brings about a strong relationship between the two eSports related companies. WIth the advent of non-endemic organisations investing into eSports, this is a way to cement their place in a fragmented industry right now.

As one of the largest supports of esports and the CS:GO community, HyperX continues to support their passion while providing specifically FPS designed products to enhance their gameplay such as the recently announced Cloud Revolver S headset featuring Dolby® 7.1 Surround Audio Technology,” said Annie L. Gerard, global marketing manager, HyperX. “We are thrilled to renew this partnership as DreamHack is known for premium events in Europe and the Master’s event in Las Vegas will continue that premium experience.