CyberGamer announce Acer CGPL 2017 league details.

Australian eSports has been on the wane since the end of 2015. This period saw the transition of CSGO team Vox Eminor to become Renegades. Post their move to become Renegades, they gradually lost their form and had bad performances.

The other teams in Australia were not able to put up decent results. The global audience which used to be thrilled for the teams from down-under slowly lost interest. This was partially fuelled by the loss of several bets on esports betting sites such as CSGOlounge etc

After a tepid year, CyberGamer the Australian eSports organisation has announced that they will be starting a new eSports league in Australia. The new league will feature the top CSGO teams in Australia. It will be divided over four LAN tournaments. All the tournaments will be played in their newly acquired eSports stadium in Adelaide, Australia.

The dates for their upcoming events are listed below :


  • CGPL Autumn – February 4 to April 10
  • CGPL Winter – May 13 to July 17
  • CGPL Spring – Aug 19 to Oct 22
  • CGPL Championships – Nov 17-19

The top two teams from each tournament will receive direct invites to the Grand finals to be held later in the year.

The list of participants for the upcoming CGPL Autumn:

TRIDENT Cypher SYF Animal Squad
Chiefs Immunity Legacy AVANT GARDE

The full prizepool distribution for the Autumn Professional division is as follows:

1. $5,501 AUD (~$4,155)
2. $2,500 AUD (~$1,890)
3-4. $1,000 AUD (~$755)
3-4. $1,000 AUD (~$755)

All matches will be streamed by CyberGamer TV on their Twitch channel here.