Misfits and Renegades invited to Dreamhack Las Vegas

The final list of invitees to Dreamhack Las Vegas 2017 has been revealed. After a gruelling qualifiers system, Misfits & Renegades are the last two teams to be invited to the tournament. The tournament which is scheduled to be held from 15th February till 19th February 2017.

The tournament already has the top teams attending including Cloud9, Astralis, Virtus Pro, SK, NaVi etc. It is a $450,000 tournament to be held at Las Vegas. 

The qualifier was played in best-of-three, single-elimination format, and it started off well for the favorites, as they all managed to make it through the first round. In the second round,Immortals surprisingly went out to compLexity after losing 2-1, and compLexity were ready for the semifinals.

With the North American qualifier over, the final 3 teams for the event have been decided. The participants can be found here:

Virtus.pro Cloud9 Astralis OpTic
North Natus Vincere SK NiP
fnatic mousesports Gambit FaZe
TyLoo Misfits Renegades compLexity