Fejtz to join Team Denial

Fejtz is from Estonia and has been one of the top Estonian players for the longest time. His stint at Publiclir.Se was extremely successful. Publiclir went on to become a well known Tier 2 team during that era. Eventually he did move on to other teams such as Onbots etc. However that being said he has not received the same level of success as before

It has now been learnt that Fejtz is set to be joining Team Denial. The NA organisation will be replacing Skytten with Fejtz as they complete their roster for 2017 .

A statement from Fejtz read :

“As the word is slowly getting out there anyway, I might as well let you guys know that due to personal reasons I will from this day forth officially be inactive from the Denial eSports roster,” Carlsson told HLTV.org.

“I’m not leaving the team but I need to put my attention elsewhere for the time being and thus I won’t be able to play day and night with the other four.

“For me personally this is a risky move as I no longer can claim a 100% spot on the team after this, but hopefully I will be able to return whenever I am ready.”

Denial, who will compete in ESEA Premier, have the following roster:

David “Xp3” Garrido
Todd “anger” Williams
Kyle “flowsicK” Mendez
Max “maxie” Lönnström
Kristjan “FejtZ” Allsaar

Alexander “SKYTTEN” Carlsson (inactive)