EnVyUs Hastro proposes Medals for tournament winners

eSports players usually receive one trophy for the team when they win a tournament. This is in addition to the prize money and other benefits that they receive on winning a tournament. However with only one trophy being given out for a group of players, the trophy usually sits with the organisation. This provides the players with no means of keeping any memento of their win at the tournament except a few certificated and photos.

WESG did away with this when they presented players with medals for their wins. While Medals are common in individual sports, they are usually not reserved for team matches. We have seen traditional sports give out trophies as well as medals to their players as a reward for winning matches.

EnVyUs team owner Hastro supports the medals and believes that this will boost the morale for many players. Having a physical proof sitting at home of your victory is a huge boost to many players.