Dota2 casual player ends up dead after row with friend.

In a shocking news, a Dota2 player has ended up dead after feud with his friend. The 25 year old man was stabbed to death by one of his online friends who met him in real life. The Dota2 player had a heated arguement with his friend over an online match.

The victim, identified as Ferdinand Madamba Jr., allegedly challenged his friend Mark “Puti” Pascual to a fistfight after they exchanged heated words during a DOTA game.

Madamba went to the Local Gaming Cafe that the player was playing in. Later he was found in a pool of blood lying on the floor. While this is one of the first reported criminal activity related to eSports, it is not surprising to see such activities. We can be assured that as popularity of eSports increases, we will see more such incidents in the future.

The suspect and the victim had been friends for over ten years. This brings into notice one of the biggest problems in eSports. The short attention span and the rage of players has been an issue that is manifested itself into the Twitch Chat. The notorious Twitch Chat definitely is an example of how fickle minded and erratic certain gamers have become over their journey]

Source : CBN