Unikrn invest into Team BIG

One of the best esports betting sites around, Unikrn invests in Team BIG. This investment comes after Unikrn has spoken with various teams and discussed their entry into Esports. The Ashton Kutcher backed website has seen significant Investor FUnding in various rounds.

Unikrn isn’t the only one to invest in Team BIG, recently, Betway esports had agreed on a sponsorship deal with Team BIG.

In a statement on their website Rahul Sood :

“Initially we were approached by BIG, asking for a sponsorship. We immediately fell in love with the idea of supporting a German all-star team. We were discussing sponsorships for multiple teams in the recent past, but somehow it never felt right. We even discussed the possibility of team ownership with some of our star investors.

“We met this dream halfway with BIG. We are not only partnering up with BIG, we are actually investing in them! We want to create value for the team but at the same time we are completely hands-off when it comes to the daily operation or anything roster related. We support them through financial backing and business development!”

The roster for BIG is :

  • GobB
  • Legija
  • Nex
  • Keev
  • tabsen

Many of these players are coming off an NA stint with team NRG in what can only be described as successful.