CLG add FNS to their CSGO roster

Counter Logic Gaming have officially announced the induction of FNS back into the CLG roster. This move comes after Hades decision to skip WESG. This has caused quite a stir amongst the professional community. Hades has been continuously avoiding LAN events and his performance online is also under a shadow of a doubt.

LAN Performances are seen as the ultimate test to check a player’s skill level. With CSGO riddled with online hacks and cheats, it is really difficult to check which player is legitimate or not just by his online skills and results.

CLG Director of eSports :

During the interview process, I was looking for players with innate leadership qualities. FNS clearly outlined his direction for the team and plan of action during our discussions. He elaborated on how he expects players to act and respond and how he is willing to put in the extra time out of the game. This is especially helpful to the younger talent on the roster. In our discussions he understood the idea of modeling behavior and what it means to lead as an example. I will always invest in hard working people and believe they have a much higher performance ceiling than someone who is not willing to challenge themselves. FNS is a leader that the team needs to help facilitate direction and structure for future success.

CLG have been looking forth to rebuilding the team from scratch. With the addition of an experienced player as FNS, the CLG roster has a chance at becoming the powerhouse they were in NA CSGO in previous years. FNS brings with him experience and the aim required to compete at the highest level.

“I’m very happy to be back on CLG. I know, with time, I can help make this team more dangerous than it was with our original roster. I have full confidence in every player on my team and I love how hungry they are to improve. That makes me genuinely want to give it everything I┬áhave to help us become a top tier team.”