Alibaba enters into a eSports partnership with the City of Changzhou

WESG is the first big multi sport event for 2017. The event has had its fair share of controversies already with a few people criticising the format and the schedule changes as well. In CSGO, we have had Godsent pull out of the tournament due to scheduling issues.

The sponsor for WESG 2016; Alibaba have revealed that they have entered into an agreement with the City of Changzhou for the next few years. It seems WESG is set to stay in the city of Changzhou for the foreseeable future. Alibaba as a big investor definitely bring their own flavor to the tournament. We have seen some amazing half time shows by entertainment and esports standards. Fans and Players from the region have been overwhelmed by the event as it presents an opportunity for Asian esports to rise again.

The city has given permission for the use of the Changzhou Olympic Center, Grand Theater, and Citizen Square for future events and will work closely with Alisports ( Alibabaś esports division) to integrate Esports as a social norm.

Source : Press Conference