Adidas sponsor Team Vitality

Investment into eSports is coming at an incremental rate. After the investment oppurtunities presented by Lionsgate, we have now learnt that Adidas will be sponsoring Team Vitality.

It is an important sponsorship, as much on the financial standpoint as it is in terms of media, staffing and merchandising ,” said Team Vitality’s owner, Nicolas Maurer, to ESPN. “Adidas has demonstrated a true willingness to invest in esports alongside a high-profile organization and to accompany us throughout our partnership.

This news was announced via Team Vitality webpage. There are several other sponsors, but each sponsor comes with its own aspect to helping the team grow and have good results. Team Vitality have had mediocre results so far this year.

“We are extremely enthusiastic regarding this partnership, as it is a first in esports in Europe and North America,” said Maurer. “When trademarks such as Adidas and Nike became involved in esports, they were already sponsoring clubs that were opening their esports section,” as is the case for FC Copenhagen’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad, North.

“Overall, this sponsorship contributes to the democratization of esports and helps the latter in becoming mainstream,” said Maurer.

Source : Vitality