Tyloo to remove two of their best players

Chinese CSGO has been mired in controversy after it was decided that Tyloo will remove two of their players. Attacker and fancy1 will not on the official Tyloo roster. In addition to these two being removed from the roster, Somebody will be under temporary suspension as he was found guilty of contacting other teams.

TyLoo will attend the WESG 2016 World Finals on January 12th with three stand-ins as only two players remain from their previous lineup. Here is their roster for the event:

Ke “Mo” Liu
Hui “DD” Wu
Zhen “HZ” Huang
LiKan “ryk” Luo
Lei “bottle” Mao

Chinese esports organisations have had a history of players being poached from other teams. Recently the Dota2 roster swap process got extremely murky before the Boston Major. The Chinese teams kept contacting each other and poaching players. The scene became extremely competitive and player salaries were going through the roof.

There had to be a balance between having a good team and paying them an adequate salary for their efforts. As such the Chinese organisations decided to drop all their rosters and start afresh. They ended up signing contracts which would prevent other teams from poaching the player in an unorganised setting in the future. This was in the best interest of the Chinese Dota2 scene as it would entail a good competitive scene while keeping the prices competitive.

Now the same level of sophistication has not been reached in Chinese CSGO. One of the main reasons for the lack of contracts and a guideline framework is the extremely small number of teams from China. This is the first reported instance of players / teams going outside of their contracts to contact other teams.

The suspensions and the dismissals stand for now. However we might see the players return to the team later. They still remain extremely skilled and have been dominant in the Chinese CSGO scene.