WESG 2016 Schedule released

WESG 2016 was supposed to be held in 2016. But due to unforeseen circumstances, the entire event was pushed back to 2017. While it points to mismanaged organising, it is also important that they took the harsh decision to shift the entire tournament. This ensures that they have a good showing at the event rather than a event on schedule but very mismanaged.

The entire schedule for the event has been released along with the match-ups.

WESG 2016 World Finals featuring 24 teams will run from January 12-15 and hand out $1,500,000 in cash prizes, with the champions taking home a hefty $800,000 prize.

Here are the groups:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
.Russia K23 Space Soldiers Selfless
Virtus.pro rEAK Signature JYP
TeamOne iGame.com Kinguin DarkPassage
Epsilon Colombia FIVE QuetzaL
subtLe VG.CyberZen GODSENT TyLoo
EnVyUs ENZO Bravado Ukraine

You can also check the entire matchups. The matches are Best of Two matches and hence we might find ourselves looking at several tied games.