Richard Lewis lays down facts for PEA vs ESL

Richard Lewis is a honorary reporter in eSports. His reporting has led to several teams getting banned from competitive play in the past. He was also one of the champions for betting websites to be banned by Valve including laying down facts for the public against Tmartn, Phantomlord etc.

In the most recent controversy, RIchard Lewis has been voicing his opinion against PEA tactics in a strong manner. PEA has been strong arming players into joining their league and boycott ESL Pro League. While the higher payout and the revenue sharing might mean more money in short term, it also means that there will not be enough competition and fans will lose interest in the low quality of the matches.

In this video Richard Lewis talks about how ESL were the ones who started talks about the exclusive league. He understands the reason for PEA to take the decisions that they did, however their decision is not necessarily the best decision for eSports as a whole.