Dreamhack Groups and schedule announced

Dreamhack will be starting off its 2017 tours with Dremhack Leipzig. Leipzig, Germany will play host to the $1000000 tournament and feature 8 teams. The eight teams participating at the event are :

  • Heroic
  • LDLC
  • Fnatic Academy
  • Flipside
  • Vega Squadron
  • Rogue
  • BIG

Teams have been invited based on rank and results through 2016, making them eligible to play in Leipzig. These teams are: Heroic, FlipSid3, LDLC, Vega Squadron, fnatic academy and Rogue. Joining them is the two wildcard teams, both newly founded. First off is Maikelele’s new team qwerty, joined by Germany’s new team BIG, led by veteran gob b.

These 8 teams have been seeded into groups of 4 teams, with 2 teams from each advancing to the playoffs. The groups for the event can be seen below.

If you are interested in watching the event, you can do so at http://dreamhack.tv/ 

Source and Schedule for Dreamhack Leipzig