Bryce Blum launces ESG Law

Bryce Blum has been a pillar in the eSports industry. The eSports industry is still considered naive and the wild west by many. Its not without reason as professionalism is not a feat necessary in eSports for the most part.

However with Bryce Blum, we have seem many organisations fine tuning their contracts and legal aspects of the game. Contractual obligations will be a big part of the industry with the current influx of mainstream organisations coming into eSports.

He has now launched a new eSports dedicated law firm. The law firm will be strictly related to eSports and will cater to organisations, players and investors alike.

ESG Law represents industry-leading esports teams, talent, and institutions. Our clients compete on the world stage in every major esports title, cast and host the premiere esports events, stream to millions, and operate businesses that push the envelope of the esports industry in betting, content creation, brand representation, merchandising, and more.

ESG Law goes beyond the typical attorney‑client relationship. Woven into the fabric of the esports ecosystem and deeply invested in its future growth, we are not simple service providers; we are engaged citizens of the esports community that create legal solutions to a constantly evolving set of challenges. Our unmatched level of engagement with the industry we serve allows us to offer unique insights into our client’s plans and facilitate connections that impact not only the success of our client’s ventures, but the industry as a whole.

Source : ESG Law