Spyleader and NKL form a new team

Spyleader and MK will form a new CSGO lineup. The former Efrag members have parted ways with their MK Lineup. They will form a team under the Mortal Kombat name and will feature player from HeadshotBG and ex Bpro members

“After a short break I’ve decided to form a new team with very motivated players from Bpro, HSBG and my old teammate nkl. Everyone in the lineup is extremely motivated, already putting a lot of hours to improve their personal skill and our teamplay.” spyleader told HLTV.org.

“The team’s main goals are to keep this lineup together for as long as possible, participate in lots of LAN tournaments and of course getting a major slot! I think that with hard work and dedication we can achieve great results.

“We will do our best to reach the top 15 as we did with my previous team. If any organization would like to support us and work with us, you can contact me at spyleader123@gmail.com”

Mortal Kombat are:

Emiliyan “spyleadeR” Dimitrov
Nikolay “nkl” Krastev
Teodor “psycho” Dimov
Nikolay “niki1” Pantaleev
Hristian “shEMETA” Spasov