X6tence loses all players except Flipin

x6tence is a Spanish semi-professional e-sport organization founded in 2004. The organisation is best known for its Counter-Strike 1.6 team which won GameGune 2006 among other notable results. x6tence has had lineups in Counter-Strike, Halo, Shootmania and Call of Duty franchises throughout its history.

The team had made a bet on four younger players under the guidance of Flipin. They started of 2016 really strong with some impressive performances at the ESL Expo. Having top 4 finishes and regular wins, the team looked really strong.

Their first setback came in the form of NMT unexpectedly leaving the team. This caused a disruption in their regular training technique along with a big change in their style of gameplay. The players were not able to adjust to the new routine and new player. Their performance faltered with unexpected high and mostly lows in their results. The new player aer0z was just not able to play with the same coordination and skill level as NMT.

Thereafter the second half of the year saw the team struggling to keep team members with the team and that definitely impacted their results. Frequent roster changes made the team quite unstable and had an effect on the mentality of the young players. Despite showing strong signs in game, they were not able to keep external factors from affecting their gameplay.

On December 29 2016, X6tence bid adieu to their team. Only Flipin will stay with the team as they look forth to set a new team for 2017. It has not yet been learnt if they will stick with younger, inexperienced players or look for more established players as they have done in the past.