Parents file new lawsuit against Valve

Valve has been at the receiving end of the US Governmental restrictions regarding gambling. While Gambling has brought about a spike in the number of users addicted to eSports, it has also brought about its own share of controversies.

Esports is unregulated for the most part. While certain game developers such as Riot control everything from the game to the competitive scene, most follow the Valve path of allowing eSPorts to grow on their own. This has resulted in unlawful usage of the Valve API in order to scam unassuming youngsters of their hard-earned money.

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The plaintiffs, in this case, are parents of youngsters who have allegedly spent thousands of dollars on gambling skins. However, this plant has yet to be admitted into court. A much bigger case regarding Tmartn was dismissed from court after the judge deciding that the losses were not substantial enough in order to file a complaint.

What are the plaintiffs seeking?

Restitution of all money wrongfully obtained by Valve Corp. through the alleged online gambling and a court order barring Valve Corp. from continuing to engage in the unlawful, unfair or deceptive practices complained of. They also seek awards of damages, court costs and attorneys’ fees, with pre- and post-judgment interest.

The lawyers representing this case are the same who were associated with Tmartn. However, the result of this plant might as well be the same as the previous case.