Simple issues apology to professional CS players

NaVi Simple has been known for his ferocious temper. His attitude towards his team mates is one of the main reasons why he was not picked up in any team for quite a long time. However NaVi have entrusted him with a position in the team and he has not let them down.

However brewing underneath all the noise, the old Simple is still present. From time to time, he flares up and shows some really rude behaviour, sometimes aimed towards other professional athletes.

On being showed a screenshot of his rudeness and callous attitude; Simple has realised his mistake and issuesd an unconditional apology to Taz, Olof and NBK.

Ofcourse the concerned players are veterans, being in the professional scene for much longer than Simple. They took it in their stride and had no qualms about the entire episode.

Simple definitely needs to get his act together and act in a more professional way. It is important to maintain your calm around peers and treat them with the respect that they deserve.