INTZ punished for poaching

Riot games has published the results of their investigation into allegations of poaching of Red Canids’ player Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi.INTZ has always maintained that there was no poaching involved with the players. However they have decided to go through with a punishment following Riotś punishment.

Riot found INTZ guilty and fined the team  R$5,000. The banned INTZ owner, Almeida explained that Sacy had come to his place for unrelated reasons.

“INTZ do not think it attempted to poach, but respects Riot’s way to administrate the CBLoL, and it will fully respect the punishment,” he said.

You can check out Almeidaś statement on the ruling via his Twitlonger.

ABCDE posted their decision to release Almeida on FaceBook.

This decision was taken one day prior to Riot publishing the results of their investigation. On the face of it, it does look like a coordinated move by the two organisations. Almeida, despite being removed from INTZ still maintains the innocence of the organisation. Riotś rulings regarding poaching have been a source of discontent for many players and organisations. Almeida will be submitting proposals to Riot to improve the poaching rules and maintain them in a feasible manner.