Zen Australia announced for January 2017

ESL Australia has announced the ‘ZEN Esports Network CS:GO Invitational’, which will take place at – The Palms at Crown in Melbourne, Australia from January 14-15.

The tournament will have two qualifiers. One of them will be held offline for the Zen APAC League. The second part will be a tournament with $20,000 AUD (approximately $14,500 USD) up for grabs.

The first day of the ZEN Invitational will showcase the offline qualifier with the following four teams:

Immunity Parallax Grinny Bankers Legacy

Four more teams will be displayed for day two of the Invitational, as followed:

Tainted Minds Chiefs TBA TBA

The prize distribution for day two of the Invitational can be found below:

1. $10,000 AUD (~$7,250)
2. $5,000 AUD (~$3,630)
3-4. $2,500 AUD (~$1,815)
3-4. $2,500 AUD (~$1,815)

Only people over 15 years of age will be allowed to enter.