RFRSH entertainment set to invest $30 million into eSports

Esports has been booming and we see several companies starting to bet big on eSports. With the phenomenal rise in both revenues and viewership for eSports it is no surprise to see such investments coming into eSports. RFRSH which is a talent agency looking out to represent organisations such as Astralis, Heroic, Godsent and Norse Gaming.

RFRSH intends to bring in further investors to help it raise the full amount, which will be invested through a separate holding company. The talent agency will act as a broker, scouting out teams and properties for the fund to invest in.

eSports is the largest and fastest growing entertainment subculture evolving from the fast-paced world of gaming,” RFRSH CEO Nikolaj Nyholm said in a statement. “Our brands represent a unique medium for advertisers and media companies to connect with a demographic of over 350 million passionate fans who are not addressable through conventional media.

RFRSH will be bringing on KIF Kolding København as sports director when he retires in 2017. This will help bring about an experienced face in the managerial side of things. Being a new industry with many unorganised sectors ( more popularly known as wild west) it is important to have someone stable managing things.

In the AMA, Nyholm made it clear that RFRSH’s agreements with player-owned teams gives them no control over competitive operations. “The teams operate independently which means that we won’t have any influence over matters like what tournaments they play, matches, lineups, etc.,” he wrote. “This is very clear in the agreements we have with the teams, also with regards to which party we work with when there is an intra-team transfer.”