A timeline of the PEA situation

The Entire PEA situation is really blowing up. Several of the organisations involved in the drama have come out with their own statements. With players, Organisations and even personnel unrelated to PEA coming out explaining their side of the story, it has become important to keep a track of the timeline.

Dekay has posted a detailed timeline on the various allegations, clarifications and statements meted out.

1. PEA official announcement (September 8th 2016):


Also TSM Reginald mentions working on deal with ECS on the same day:


2. [Silence to public for a while]

3. DeKay reports on PEA outlawing players from playing in EPL:


4. Player’s open letter posted by SirScoots:


5. Some of the owners sound off on social media (could be more out there).

Jack: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cloud9/comments/5joodb/jack_this_is_not_okay_the_players_should_always/dbi0eb4/

Lake: https://twitter.com/JasonBWLake/status/811732937477496832

Hotshot: https://twitter.com/CLG_HotshotGG/status/811748903552851968 and https://twitter.com/CLG_HotshotGG/status/812120402671480838

6. SirScoots responds to owners posts and provides more information.

a. https://twitter.com/SirScoots/status/811986227012325376
b. https://twitter.com/SirScoots/status/812129125133492224
c. https://twitter.com/SirScoots/status/812144487669579776

7. DeKay reports owners are trying to get players to say they didn’t read the letter:

8. Sean Gares states he has gotten removed from TSM:

9. TSM Reginald posts a Twitlonger about why he kicked Sean Gares:

10. Relyks makes a post of a unified view from the remaining TSM players:

11. Sean Gares responds to Reginald’s Twitlonger:

12. Shahzam states he is sticking with Sean Gares in a twitch chat. (https://gyazo.com/6696ef8f8ba8fa69f12fefa7dc7a542d)