Ryan Edens, 24 year old son of Wesley Edens set to manage Bucks eSports team

Esportsjunkie had reported earlier this month that Milwaukee Bucks were looking forth to invest in eSports via Cloud9s spot in League of Legends. The news was confirmed last week by ESPN. ESPN also reported that the team would be managed by¬†Wesley Eden’s 24 year old son Ryan Edens. Not much is known about Ryan Edens, however prima facie it does seem his young age and innovative ideas would be the main reason for handing him such a big responsibility.

It is also learnt that Bucks are in talks with Cloud9 to purchase the agreements of four of their players. Retaining players who earned the spot is of paramount importance for Bucks who are pretty new into eSports. If this deal does go through, the total value of the deal would be increased to around $2.5 million a sharp rise from the previously reported $1 million.