launches automatic highlights for FaceIT

PlaysTV is one of the many streaming platforms which are looking for a foothold in the industry dominated by Twitch and Youtube Gaming. While Twitch and Youtube have a huge advantage in terms of capital and users, the smaller companies are looking to set themselves apart with a feature oriented approach.

PlaysTV have launched the automatic highlights in association with Gaming platform FaceIT. Fans will have access to the entire library of saved replays and highlights across games. Fans will also be able to link their FACEIT and accounts to record gameplay during FACEIT competitions with Plays, and there’ll be player highlights on both profile and match pages.POV which was a much anticipated feature will also be launched with this update.

EsportsInsider : is a platform which allows players to share their best moments through its interface with easily embeddable video clip-sharing functionality. The aim has been to make sharing personal gaming highlights easy. It has seen considerable investment and boasts over 12 million monthly players, these being a mixture of professional and amateur.