New study claims 45.2% of French Internet users aware of eSports

According to a new report by French Media Tracker MediaMetrie, 26.3% of French internet users are interested in eSports. The number of people aware of eSports is even  higher at 45.2%. The report provides further demographics about the age groups interested in eSports. As expected people in the 25-35 are more aware of eSports than people aged over 50.

“We found a large majority of young active men who represent ‘premium’ targets for the advertising world,” the report says.

The study had a sample size of 1000 internet users aged 15 and up. MediaMetrie insist that FPS and MOBA are still more popular than sports games titles such as FIFA and NBA. The level of involvement of people in such FPS games is much higher and they are better known in the community.

The full report can be found here : French eSport pdf.

Médiamétrie is a well known French audience measurement company created in 1985, when the range of TV channels available grew substantially larger in France.