2016 : A year in review by Blizzard

2016 has been a very succesful year for Blizzard. Following the resounding success of their Overwatch game, Blizzard announced the formation of the Overwatch league which will aim to tap into untapped geographical locations for eSports.

The latest Developer update sees Jeff Kaplan reviewing the year that has gone by. Overwatch launched in May and has been seeing an uptick in the number of players and also several revamps by the developers.

He mentioned several new changes coming to Overwatch. The nearest update in early January will see the release of the latest map for Overwatch – Oasis. Oasis is an exciting map to play on especially since it will feature jump pads for the first time in Overwatch.

In addition to the new map, there will be other changes too. Players will be allowed to use up to  4 emotes as well has have a choice of sprays to use. There will only be one player spray anywhere on the map at a given time.

Further down in 2017, we will hopefully see the release of certain new heroes. With several heroes being in development, we can only hope that some of them will make it into the final release.

Spectator improvements are coming to Overwatch. One of the most important issues with Overwatch as a burgeoning esports is the low quality of spectator experience in the game.