Blizzard working on revamping results on Assault maps in Overwatch

Overwatch is the FPS game released by Blizzard in 2016. Having won the best eSport game title of the year, Overwatch seems set to rise exponentially. As with any game in the infancy of its duration, Overwatch also has some problems.

One of the problems that fans have raised on the Battlenet forums is the frustratingly high rate of tied matches on Assault maps. Maps are divided into four categories in Overwatch. You can read the categories below :

Maps in Overwatch
AssaultHanamura ∙ Temple of Anubis ∙ Volskaya Industries
ControlIlios ∙ Lijiang Tower ∙ Nepal ∙ Oasis
EscortDorado ∙ Route 66 ∙ Watchpoint: Gibraltar
HybridEichenwalde ∙ Hollywood ∙ King’s Row ∙ Numbani

Assault maps require one team to attack a point. The defending team is given a minute to set up their defenses on the point and hold off the attack for as long as possible. The problem with these maps is usually how strong the second point defense is. The spawn location for all three maps on the defensive side is very close to the second point. As such respawns happen almost next to the site and its much easier to hold off the offensive team.

According to Blizzard data, the rate of draws on such maps is almost 18%. This is quite high especially when compared to the data of the other types of maps.

Quoting Jeff Kaplan from Blizzard;

We’ve had a lot of discussion about the mode this week. We’re talking about some potential changes but we still want to talk things through for a bit before making immediate changes.

One of the problems we’re interested in solving is lowering the rate that draws occur in Assault. The worst offender is Hanamura. On a bad week, the map can draw as much as 18% of the time. To put the number in perspective, Control maps draw 0%, Payloads draw 0% and Hybrids draw on average 5.75% of the time.

Your overall chance of a draw in competitive mode is 5.45%, which seems more than acceptable to us.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say draws happen every time on Assault or even that draws are rampant. Statistically, that is false. But we think we have some strong ideas to try out when it comes to reducing draws in Assault.

We have some other problems we are taking a look at as well.

But overall, we like Assault as a mode and we think the maps provide a lot of exciting Overwatch moments. We’re always looking to improve all parts of the game and Assault is included in that.