BAMtech and Riot Games sign a deal to allow streaming rights for League Games

Riot Esports has been one of the premier eSports organisations to function as a structure and bring eSports to the mainstream media. Following several previous events such as partnering with Coke, Riot have now announced their deal with BamTech.

This deal will allow BamTech to exclusively own the creativity and the monetisation rights of League of Legends streams. They will be paying a minimum of $300 million through 2023. 

A leading technology services and video streaming company formed by Major League Baseball, BAMTech has designed, developed and distributed world-class fan viewing experiences to millions worldwide across its many traditional sports, news and entertainment partners. We’re proud to represent their first step in the esports world and in partnership plan to create innovative and rich ways to add to fans’ existing options for viewing their League of Legends esports content. We’ll be sharing news on important milestones and projects in the future.

WallStreetJournal reports that the deal will not change much of the traditional eSports viewing experience. Spectators will still be watching the matches live on sites such as Youtube and Twitch. The content streamed will remain Free. This puts into place the rumors regarding subscription based viewing for League fans. That would have been a detrimental move which would only serve to alienate spectators towards other eSports titles.

This announcement confirms the first impression broken by eSports journalist Richard Lewis. 


This was confirmed on Reddit by RiotMagus.

They will not be following in Starcraft 2ś footsteps of taxing any video stream above 360p. The content will be free and streamed on popular Streaming websites. The only difference would be the ad durations, the types of ads and the companies coming into invest in eSports. BAMTech has inked similar deals, where it pays for the rights to stream content, with the National Hockey League and the Professional Golfers’ Association.

“So the monetization for that effort and those kind of events is going to be really exciting. But we think the world is ready for esports. The sponsors, the advertisers are ready for it. They’re dying for it. It’s a great audience and they spend a great deal of time with this content.” – Bob Bowman