China looking to regulate eSports to a higher degree.

China has one of the largest community of Gamers in the world. The Chinese government has always been actively involved in ensuring that Video Games do not harm young minds. They had rules which enforced the absence of violence, pornography and any propoganda in video games. In order to cater to the massive Chinese gaming community, big titles such as CSGO and Dota2 have changed their visuals within the game.

Now the Chinese government is reportedly moving towards making unapproved games being streamed live on platforms illegal. The Chinese eSports streaming industry is very fragmented with no dominant player in the field. While Western countries have Twitch and Youtube dominating the scene, they do not have a formidable presence in China. Organisations such as, Doyoutv have been around for quite sometime, but have been unable to establish their dominance in the market.

The new regulations will make it mandatory for game developers to seek licenses to make their games appear on the approved list. They will also need to pay a license fee, which might put a severe dent into their profits. While major gaming organisations such as Blizzard, Riot, Valve will be able to get through with deals with the chinese government; the smaller indie developers will suffer big losses.

Source – AkshoneSports