Wildturtle confirmed to be joining TSM

TSM had announced a few weeks ago that Wildturtle would be helping them out for the IEM event. They had not specified the duration and the conditions of that trial. However it has now been announced that Wildturtle would indeed be a permanent member of the TSM roster. Wildturtle will be replacing DoubleLift as Doublelift takes a break from competitive gaming.

Wildturtle has been on the team previously and has some amazing chemistry with both the support staff and the coaches. His experience and relative comfort with everyone’s makes him a prime candidate for the team. However with Doublelift’s results it will definitely be a very close call. As of now it is unclear whether Wildturtle’s 2017 signup would mean Doublelift is out till 2018 or whether there will be a simple playoff between the two to decide who makes it to the team.