CSGO Prize pools cross $25 million

Valve sponsored events have been notorious for their huge prize pools in Dota2. However that has not been the same case in CSGO. With several organisations organising the CSGO LAN events, the prize pool from private investors and funding, CSGO has been slowly creeping up the prize pool ladder.

According to data, CSGO prize pools for the year of 2016 has crossed $25 million in total.Combined, all three Counter-Strike titles have awarded $38.8M since 2000, surpassing League of Legends’ $36.7M.

Another issue with prize pools in CSGO, is that even after announcing massive prize pools, the payouts are usually delayed by several months. Tournament organizers have upped the ante as well by saturating the calendar with frequent high-dollar events

CS1.6 vs CS:Source Esports Earnings

Given below is the top paying CSGO events of all time. As expected Eleague leads the events with two events crossing million Dollars each

Top Paying CS:GO Events of All Time

As for the teams, Fnatic still leads the charts with the succesful 2015 lineup. While the lineup has since changed to Godsent, the Fnatic name still retains the top position as the highest earning organisation of all time.

Highest Earning CS:GO Teams

NIP despite having an equally succesful history was off the mark as they were champions before the big money events came into existence.

Source  – Gamurs