Carnees banned from ESL

Carnees is a Tier 2 German player. He has been making the news for his amazing aim and game sense. With certain German teams keeping an eye on him, his future was quite bright. However all that changed with ESL banning him from their servers, it once again raises the difficult question about Professional gamers cheating and using unfair advantages to land themselves above other teams.

On visiting the player profile on ESL, we read the following message from ESL.

This player account is frozen and can not generate any 1on1 matches (challenge) or be generated (be challenged/Auto-challenger). Open 1on1 and 2on2 matches may be played, the player may however not compete in any other team matches. See below for details on the freeze.
The post has further details listed as Cheating. We will keep you informed about further developments in this particular case.