Replay system being actively worked on in Overwatch

Replay system being actively worked on in Overwatch

Overwatch is fast emerging as the next big eSports. With a combination of FPS and MOBA strategies, the game has appealed to the sensibilities of several gamers. It was also recently awarded the Game of the Year award.

There are several drawbacks in the game. Apart from the terrible spectating experience , the game also lacks a replay feature which will help players develop their skills by removing their mistakes. Right now, the only way to watch replays is if you record your POV. That is a very inefficient way to watch replays especially when you consider the level of technology and detail that Dota2 and CSGO provide via replays.

All this seems set to change with Jeff Kaplan commenting about the replay situation. Overwatch is all set to overhaul the replay experience. The developers, who are always actively taking feedback from the community, have already started working on such a replay system to help the players.

Saving and/or exporting highlights is also on our list. We consider this a completely different feature from the Replay request above. This one is also actively being worked on. Highlight sharing/saving/exporting (whatever exact form it takes) will come before Replays.

Jeff: “This is a feature we very much want as well. It’s a very challenging and large feature from a development standpoint. We’ve done a lot of the groundwork to help make this happen. We’re really hoping to get it in someday, work is being done, but it’s not on the immediate horizon.

As already mentioned, they are working on it. But it is not coming anytime soon. We will keep you informed about any further developments in the scene.