The maps for MSI MGA 2016 tournament are predecided

The MSI MGA 2016 brackets have just been announced. However there has been news on the map system to be used in the tournament. The organisers have already pre decided the maps that would be played between the teams. This format was used earlier by Blizzard and also in a couple of events. However following public outrage and the demand to let teams veto the maps, most organisations have fallen back to the regular veto system

With this update, we will see teams playing on certain maps that they are not as well known on. While it does provide a considerable amount of unpredictability, it might not always result in the best team winning the matches.

A reddit user compiled the maps being played at the event. More details on the maps and the number of times they will be played is listed below :

  • Ilios: 9
  • Temple of Anubis: 5
  • Route 66: 5
  • Eichenwalde: 4
  • King’s Row: 4
  • Hanamura: 3
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar: 3
  • Dorado: 3
  • Numbani: 3
  • Volskaya Industries: 2
  • Hollywood: 2
  • Lijiang Tower: 2
  • Nepal: 2