Launch of World eSport

Esports community is growing at a rapid pace. The growth of eSports has caught the attention of several big media companies along with the traditional sports organisations. Esports presents a unique age group to any investor. The consumers/ players are very young and capturing the attention of such a young audience is any advertisers main objective.

Aiming to fill this space is Marc Berthold and Alexandra Merz with World eSport, a new social network that Marc describes as a ‘combination of Facebook and Linkedin’.

The website primarily focuses on integrating the various eSports player profiles and getting a collective database to connect players further. While several other websites do offer this feature on a limited scale, those websites usually have some other main objective. World eSports aims to connect players and act as the social media of eSports players.


Esports Insider met with Marc Berthold of World eSport. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Esports Insider: You’re building a social network dedicated to the esports and wider gaming industries? Why is it needed? You’ve described World eSport as ‘a combination of Facebook and Linkedin’…

Marc: Absolutely, World eSport is the professional social network dedicated to the esports and gaming industries.

Casual, semi-pro or pro gamers, teams, associations or companies, we want to become an esports hub for all the actors in the market. Just like on Facebook, you have the possibility to share news on your timeline, and to post pictures and more. And just like on LinkedIn, you can create your profile and display your esports resume.

We felt that a platform like World eSport was missing. As a gamer, you had no real possibility to share with everyone the teams you play and played for, the LANs and competitions you attend and have attended or the results you achieved. We believed that gamers needed this platform on which they can share everything about their passion (and feedback has proven us right).

As a gamer, it’s also quite complicated to find and join a gaming team when you don’t know where to look, amd when you don’t have contacts. With World eSport, you now have the possibility to grow your esports network, connect with people from the industry and find the team that fits your needs.

As a team, the problem was always to find new talented players, and not be limited to the same old pool. With 100 million monthly players on League of Legends for example, there is clearly a lot of talent. But without a dedicated platform, there is no easy way to find and connect with them. For the teams, this is where World eSport comes in.

“Companies have an issue finding employees with the right skill-set, who have the knowledge and experience in the gaming and esports industries”

Esports Insider: Will you be putting on in-person meet up and networking events?

Marc: We are currently putting our efforts in developing the additional features we want our users to enjoy on World eSport. Our priority is to make the online platform the best place to visit for every esports enthusiast. However, we will of course expand and offer additional services for people to enjoy esports and to make it more professional. If we feel that our users are willing to attend networking esports events, it will definitely be an option.

Esports has brought so much to every member of our team, we will be doing everything we can to give back to the industry and to help the young players enjoy their passion as much as possible. We want them to be able to play and be entertained, while having the opportunity to use this experience and use it professionally.