Eleague Season 3 confirmed

Eleague Season 3 confirmed

Eleague has taken esports and CSGO to a new level. With the FPS game being available for viewing across the Television network via the Turner Broadcasting system, Eleague have found a recipe for success. The channel requires minimal investment and the popularity of the show is just increasing.

Eleague Manager Christina Alejandre confirmed the news of Season 3 :

“There are definitely plans for another season next year, and in the next couple of weeks and months we will give more details on that,” Alejandre told Slingshot Esports. “I want people to tune in to ELEAGUE, not tune in to ELEAGUE Counter-Strike because it’s Counter-Strike.”

I want them to say, ‘What’s the new season of ELEAGUE? What are they doing? What are the games they’re doing? Oh, it’s the ELEAGUE name, I have to tune in,” she added.

The third season of Eleague however might not be restricted to CSGO. Eleague has been showing an interest in Overwatch. Overwatch has been gaining popularity amongst the millennials and it is but natural for Eleague to follow suit.