Rocket League announce Starbase ARC

Rocket League have revealed the name of their new update. The New update is called Starbase ARC. The new arenas are set in space with a very serene and beautifully designed background. The Arenaś have amazing graphics and are most likely to be a big hit with the fans. The update will come online on December 7th. The trailer has some amazing gameplays as well.

In addition to the various arenas and gameplay; Psyonix have also announced various new features. We will list them one by one below :


As you may have heard last week, Steam Workshop support is also coming to Rocket League with our next update as well! PC, Mac, and SteamOS players will be able to upload custom levels they have built to the Steam Rocket League Community Hub! This is a feature we’ve wanted to implement for a long time and we’re excited to see what you can come up with. While you wait, be sure to check out our preview blog and Steam’s excellent knowledge baseas your imagination starts to stretch.

Custom Training. 

This feature is something that was demanded by various players. Custom Training is a feature that will help a player to customise his training to focus on specific features of his gameplay. Pysonix have announced more updates coming to this feature in the near future.

We can Choose our own maps!

Another feature that many have been asking is the ability to choose the maps to play on. From December 7th, players will be able to choose which map they will be playing on. .

There will be a lot more updates, but more technical to the gameplay. Just check out the game on December 7th and tell us how you feel about it.